They’re racist! No more walls for borders, prisons, homes, offices, or bathrooms at retail stores (humor)

(Sarcasm alert) It seems that the more barriers we put up in life, the more we restrict our freedoms and hide from the truth. There aren’t any walls in nature, but for some reason, we feel the need to put them up everywhere in our lives, and it’s causing resentment, insecurity, and division. Nothing’s more obvious than our border walls, that scream out in the loudest voice that we hate other people who aren’t like us, who don’t “live” where we do, who don’t own land like we do, and who don’t worship some “Bill of Rights” we claim as our own. It’s time to tear down these racist walls, and not just the ones that surround our arrogant country, but that’s a really good start. Even certain celebrities are finally realizing walls are racist and based on white supremacy.

Since walls for borders are just plain wrong, why have walls anywhere?

Walls separate people and they’re racist – that’s why most walls are painted white. Open your eyes and see the racism everywhere. America tries so hard to pretend we’re all “free,” but free to do what? Free to hate? Free to lock out everyone who’s hurting? Free to lock out the poor and repressed?

The oceans don’t have walls. They flow into one another with continuity. Forests don’t have walls either. Mountains don’t have walls. The earth was meant to be fenceless, so let’s get back to that as soon as possible. Get rid of all these racist, bigoted, evil walls.

Prisons are nothing but walls that declare human beings to be animals locked in cages, and for what? Wouldn’t freedom serve justice and change people to being positive and caring? Set people free and they’ll just dance and celebrate naturally, daily.

All these rich celebrities and politicians think they’re better than everyone else, and they live in these mansions with huge walls and massive border fences around their property. From the rich white elitist Mark Zuckerberg to Mr. “Transparency” Barrack Obama, tear down your walls and support freedom. Quit being hypocrites and bigots! Your walls are racist and so are you until you level them. What are you afraid of – modeling the freedom you so preach about to the world all the time?

Outlaw walls in bathrooms in the name of one fluid gender that we all really are – it’s only normal and natural, after all

Have you ever gone to the bathroom in the woods, like when you’re camping or hiking? It feels so free and normal. It’s natural. It helps the environment too. All these walls for bathrooms just declare that we’re ugly and immature. Why even have urinals for “males” and not “herinals” for the females? Does it really matter if we stand up or sit down to pee, or if people can see us when we do number two? It’s all one huge ploy to get us to call ourselves different from each other so we’ll fight and be dissidents. People just pee on the floor in Starbucks anyway, so why have bathrooms at all?

We need to get rid of all these walls, and our attitude would change, worldwide. No more walls for homes or offices. No more celebrity private resident security fences. In fact, every wall and fence is an “anti-freedom” statement that supports tyranny and oligarchy that none of us want. Is that what you are, anti-freedom? Make a choice. End walls.

No more fences for cattle ranches and no more walls or cages at zoos

Since wild animals are “wild” they should all roam free. Same with humans. We’re all animals, so why should any of us be locked up in homes and offices like we’re all in jails all day? All cattle should be able to roam everywhere and anywhere, like when we founded this country. Let all the animals at the zoos go free. We should outlaw bird cages and pet crates too. How would you like to be cooped up all day? Everyone should be free, free, free! The hippies of the sixties were right.

Even hospitals need to get rid of their walls and people would be cured of cancer. People who are sick need fresh air and sunshine, not recycled carbon dioxide and enclosed spaces that breed more disease.

Lastly, we need safe spaces everywhere so people won’t be violent and greedy. We could simply paint some colorful lines on the ground where “safe boundaries” keep children safe from harm, until everyone accepts the wall-less world of love and freedom.

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